Death has made its way to AdventureQuest 3D and it’ll be spending some time chatting with players who have been unlucky enough to require a visit to a respawn point. Aside from general banter and jokes, the Reaper will offer players information on their respawn time and what’s going on with their group — if they’re in one.

To accompany the Reaper’s return, the devs have decided to offer players Health and Mana potions in exchange for gold. These can be purchased in the personal potion shop or Warlic’s Magic Shop.

On another note, several of the game’s older, and therefore “grindier,” zones are undergoing revamps to make them more enjoyable. The devs are working to bring the old areas “up to par” with those that have been released more recently. More info on this is available on the AQ3D site.

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  1. the biggest reasons why this game failed are first of all lack of content cause they released it too soon and there was nothing to do aldo every stuff they add is just mindless grind that lasts 2-3 days and there’s nothing to do again, game had potential but the devs are just greedy

    • Also I don’t think it helps that they have their team members spread out so thin on all of their games they own. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on their old games and they just up and abandoned them and they haven’t given a word if they are gonna continue developing their old games or shut their old games that don’t make a profit down or just keep the servers up. As a Player I think it’s reasonable to tell us players what your gonna do with the game but Artix Entertainment has been silent with all Mechquest,Herosmash,Oversoul,Epicduel,and so on and won’t tell us anything. And the problems you said about their company is true also. Unless Artix Entertainment fixes their Company and makes better games I’m never playing their games again sad to say and they make good games too but they just got a horrible and greedy developers. I don’t blame all the staff members since they are just listening to the developer’s since the developer’s are their boss’s.

  2. I played this game during the Tech Demo,and the Alpha Phase then quit. I really love AQ3D but I’m sad this game didn’t do well on the market. The 2 thing’s that made me wanna quit was the declining player base and I had to use Steam or a Mobile Device. I know Artix Entertainment is a low budget company but I would of prefered downloading a downloadable AQ3D from their website then downloading it from Steam.


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