AdventureQuest 3D Players Must Join The Tailor Scouts In Their Fight Against The Fashion Police

This new questline will reward some serious style to those who complete it.

Matthew D'Onofrio
By Matthew D'Onofrio, News Editor Posted:

AdventureQuest 3D Tailor Scouts Fashion Police

Ready for a stylish AdventureQuest 3D adventure?

The Tailor Scouts are seeking to retrieve the magical Mithril Shears, which promise to elevate their fashion game to new heights. However, their plans are thwarted when the Fashion Police intervene, so players must assist the Tailor Scouts in overcoming this obstacle and reclaiming the Mithril Shears to aid Winnie in crafting powerful costumes.

To begin the quest for the Mithril Shears, they must first complete the initial "Tailor Scouts" quest. Upon speaking with Winnie in Battleon, players discover that Tailor Scout Melanie's delay in retrieving the shears from Arcangrove has led to the intervention of the Fashion Police. They must therefore join forces with Melanie and the other Tailor Scouts to track down the Fashion Police and retrieve the shears.

Players have the opportunity to earn Tailor Academy Uniforms and Shoes, with the chance to craft the Fashion Police outfit later on. Also, the MMORPG underwent a soundtrack update — with all commercial music (excluding tracks from guest artists) removed from the game maps. These tunes are being replaced with custom music, meaning that AdventureQuest 3D content creators can now freely stream without concerns of demonetization.

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