Aeria Games has announced their intentions to publish Soldier Front 2 the sequel to the original Soldier Front which Aeria already publishes. The first Soldier Front came around the same time as both Combat Arms and Alliance of Valiant Arms, which may explain why it was somewhat overlooked by some modern FPS fans.

Now Soldier Front 2 aims to capture a new set of FPS fans looking for a modern shooter with updated graphics courtesy of Unreal 3, diverse team oriented combat modes, and a vast amount of progression and customization. The original Soldier Front came with 11 separate gameplay modes for players to participate in. Soldier Front 2 will be continuing that tradition by providing players with the usual smattering of strategic modes along with a unique MOBA-style scenario, you know for those of us that can’t get enough MOBA action.

Aeria will no doubt be facing some steep competition from Crytek’s upcoming FPS Warface along with Arctic Combat, the most recent modern shooter which has succeeded in capturing a portion of the Free-to-Play FPS audience. You can signup for the closed beta now by visiting the official site here.

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  1. Ive actually seen gameplay of this game from the chinese or korean version (can’t remember which) and the game actually looks really good it does copy COD quite abit but it really doesnt look too bad. The only problem is that its published by Aeria and they’ll probably screw it up.

  2. I think this game is no challange at all! Simply follow the steps to forward? No! I quit! I’d rather play Age of Wushu.

  3. Oh look another pre-rendered trailer that has nothing to do with the FPS it’s trying to garner hype for. Not only that but even the production quality of the trailer is sub-par compared to today’s games. It looks like they dusted off something made in 2005 then added lens flares and a bizarre color filter to make it look shiny. Stay classy, Aeria.

  4. Well not all aeria stuffs are junks….. Repulse was one of aeria games and it rocks (well too bad theres too many hackers and got closed down) the gameplay is good nice graphics and styles…. maybe aeria can make another great game like it !! every game is worth a shot never say anything til u try it lol

  5. what’s the point to make many bad games( they even cloed some) when you can focus all your resources on a single..but GOOD game

  6. Play the game and then decide what is good and what is not good..
    I hate these people, because they think the company is shit.. the game was shit to..
    I hope it well be great game!!

  7. i love how everyone hates ariea games but i love them and how they let everyone in there closed betas and you can earn there pay points for free just by watching a video and this game looks great dont hate something you havent seen or played

    • I AGREE! most of people passed Scarlet blade because its… mature content… i actually played and thinked it was a great game… too bad my computer is too shit to work it properly >_<

  8. HAHA ariea games just cut Seven Core, right after they replaced Prius (a fully populated game) to replace it with 7 core. This is just another garbage title that will get cut after 6 months. Die Ariea games, die!

  9. as i’ve said multiple times before i hate judging a game cause of its company(like most people do have done and will probably continue to do)so i will give this a try and then judge and say how bad or how good it is.So far aeria suprised me and i realized i was wrong as far as scarlet blade goes(hopefully it doesnt have a cs so i cant say its p2w i hope they wont mess up in ob)so maybe they suprise me with this shooter i higly doubt it but as i said i wont judge it until i try it and i am also curius to see if this whole “shooters having moba style modes” idea will actually suceed tbh.

    • Well never seen MOBA style FPS…. and i dont really care if its P2W or not cause most ppl who pay cant own me :3 so i think i agree with Zhao Yun to give it a try who knows Aeria have a decent game like Repulse for example… Repulse was a good game but have too much hackers thats why got closed down…. maybe they can have another decent game (like i just said now)

  10. I already played the chinese version i got hooked on it for a while :L although you need to have good internet to be able to play it if you wanna have decent ping and other stuff good graphics to..


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