I’m beginning to believe if you’re a game publisher, owning a MOBA in your game portfolio is an inevitable fact. Whether some of us like it or not, it’s a solidified genre at this point and it’s here to stay. Thus, every time we see a new MOBA release, we as the consumer should not groan, but instead look at it as an opportunity to check and see if the genre has evolved any. Unfortunately, upon initial inspection Aeria Game’s new MOBA, Chaos Heroes Online, we’re left worried the MOBA appears to be following the route of tradition instead of innovation.

Announced today, Chaos Heroes Online proudly trumpets itself as descendant of the original DotA mod for Warcraft 3. More specifically, Aeria mentions it was derived from South Korea’s own version of DotA called “DotA: Chaos”. A quick search doesn’t turn up much about DotA: Chaos, but we did manage to find a few screenshots of the MOBA’s playable heroes, some of which could be compared visually to certain DotA characters.

In terms of unique features, Chaos Heroes Online is said to be “brimming” with them, including the ability to swap out items during battle without the need to return to base. Players also won’t know who has won until the very end, as the game is somehow able to hide the fact that your base is being destroyed slightly faster than your enemies.

Aeria has opened an official teaser site for Chaos Heroes Online, where players may go to signup for the beta. The game is scheduled to launch later this year.

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  1. Chaos Heroes looks good I download and check it out, the problem however is (Aeria Games) they have a bad reputation, over charge customers, don’t have a set exchange rate for example subscribers get a ton of more AP vs someone who pays Single Payments which totally kills the game for me on top of the wait times of 5+ Minutes.

    If Aeria Games did not own this game or have hosting rights and another company did it could be a good MOBA like League.

  2. OMG pls why no one makes decent RTS anymore. I hate total war games, i want C&C like new RTS.

    Like generals, middle earth 2. And Starcraft 2 is boring as hell to play in mp only campaign good.

  3. Are there big differences between each BF or COD title?
    Improved graphic, still the same game.

    Every FPS gamplay is different, comparable but different.

    This applies also to MOBAs.
    Why is League of Legends popular? – It is very easy to play, a bit cartoonish to attract the youth.
    Dota 2 and HoN rely more on teamwork, also are harder to master thus you ain’t be successful as quickly as in LoL.

    Every DOTA based game works like the original, mostly just slightly modified.
    Those modifications are important, nothing less or more.

    I’m playing LoL since 4 years and feeling bored of it.
    Recently started with Dota 2 and it’s literally a different game, map, game mechanical and gameplay wise.

    Allow new MOBAs to grow, we need alternatives 😉

  4. This game has been out in Japan for awhile, published by Sega. I got emails for this after playing the PSO2 beta. Game looks ok. Haven’t seen much gameplay, but I did see that some characters from BlazBlue and Guilty Gear available.

  5. why do everyone insult the moba genre….you should be insulting the people that ruin them….. MOBA’s are great, well only smite atm, and that other one that got shutdown a while ago, LOCO, that was good :3

  6. JUst loged in to comment and say : I will try this game out , but i know for a fact that i won’t be able to stick to it , not because i won’t like it but because the compagnie is Aeia games and i won’t have the money to place in the game like they’ve done to all there other games Example : wolfteam , you need to put 1600 Europs to get just 1 pack of a couple ilimited weapons … Aeria is bad and always will be .

  7. Not going to lie, I actually almost enjoyed their last venture into the world of mobas with Realm of the Titans. Pity they shut that one down.

  8. Rise of Immortal was one of fail projects they released 2 times and closed 2times

    Aeriagames is a cashcow company (Once you get banned (Whatever reason) you are banned due their biased Policy)

    • I do believe Rise of Immortals was made and published by Petroglyph Games.

      Aeria published a chinese moba 2 short times that was named Realm of the Titans in the west.

  9. I wouldn’t play anything from Aeria games, considering they install that stupid hidden network thing on your computer. About making more MOBA’s, doesn’t matter to me, but i think people need to work on more TPS games, more than anything. FPS and MOBA, rpgs, we have too many already.

    The only MOBA i play is King of fighters though and DOtA2, anything else, blah.

      • If you play smite, you do know hi-rise’s launcher scans your directory in your primary partition right? and no one can do anything about it. Many anti-virus software has removed such file last year, which caused problems with the launcher when executing a game. When you create an account, you agree to the terms (including software) and thats that. Many reports has been made, so they came out with an apology and basically said “we aren’t using it to snoop”…. yeah lol ok.

  10. I get the impression this isn’t going to be any different than dota/LoL/etc. in terms of gameplay.
    Before you moba fanboys bash me with statements like “FPS is no different”. actually, it is different. In FPS, devs are trying to make their games unique (BF series has vehicles), have different game modes (A.V.A has escort mode). I wish I could say the same about mobas. the only game I’ve seen trying to be different is smite, where it has 3rd person pov and different concept of characters, but this is where it ends. it still got same gameplay.

    TL;DR: In other genres, they try to make difference, something that can’t be said about mobas

  11. This is gona be epic,i bet they gona introduce some attack and defence boosts for real cash,Aeria never ceases to amuse me.

  12. The problem with MOBAs is that they take a long time to get into. Even if you’ve played League for years, it doesn’t mean you’re going to also be really good at Dota 2 when you first go into it. Because these games take months and years to get good at, people are reluctant to go try other MOBAs even if they happen to like the game better, simply because they’d rather play the MOBA they are used to instead of having to learn something entirely new.

    It’s part of the reason WoW is still alive. People simply don’t want to play a different MMORPG because they invested so much time into their WoW accounts that starting all over on some new game just doesn’t seem worth it to them.

      • Actually, i’ll rephrase myself as my brain is fried from work. There aren’t many MOBA’s at all. You might as well say “Another FPS”, “Another RPG” when each of those genres have a released title… in other words, we could never have enough of video games developing, especially if its FREEEEEEEEEEEE

  13. Not enough MOBAs yet. We need more, please make more crappy MOBAs developers, stop doing other things and start doing shitty MOBAs! I think we should ban all other genres and play only MOBAs.

  14. And then people ask “Why everyone acts negative when they see new MOBA game?”. Just take a look at the amount…hundreds of them with slight differences. What the hell? It’s either some anime bullshit with retarded lazy made graphics or MOBA these days -.-. Make some APB analog or something, and FFS ask community! Contact with them. The ideas are yours of course, but you make it for the people so keep in touch with them and ask suggestions, and maybe then you’ll be happy with results and most importantly your game and people who play it will be happy with results.

  15. What the hell are developers doing?! Do they think that if they create a moba, it will go stupidly popular? You cannot reach the state where LoL, Dota 2 is at the moment, so stop spending shitloads of money on these nonsense because I don’t see anything “special” in this game nor people will leave LoL or Dota 2 and play this game…

    • What the hell are overweight men doing?! Do they think that if they create a truck stop, it will get away with not being a stupidly popular fellatio spot? You cannot reach the state where I is at the moment, so stop spending shitloads of money on mcdonalds because I don’t see anything “special” about it nor people will not let me perform fellatio on overweight men at truck stops. I also like to wear women’s clothing…

    • Haha, but too bad people keep having this thought of “Too many same things, must we need more?” In this case, it’s MOBA games. They’re really boring type of people, or bored with game type of people.

      I seriously look forward to this game, as for some reason, I can’t play the existing same game.

      • You’re looking forward to it? Have you not read it’s being published by Aeria Games?

        Aeria Games actually tried publishing one MOBA before and it failed so they had to shut it down. The reason why? Because they put rank boosters in cash shop. People who bought those rank boosters would get more elo when they win then usual, and if they lost they would lose less elo then usual.

        Aeria Games are greedy money grabbers that sooner or later ruin all of their games. I’d be surprised if this game will be exception.

  16. You mean the same Chaos Online MOBA released for Asia last time? There was a promotion last 2 years in a convention. Right after that I didn’t hear anything from it


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