After Eight Years, RuneScape Player Becomes First-Ever To Reach 200 Million XP Across All Skills In Iron Man Mode

Yeah, eight years.

Anthony Jones
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RuneScape Iron Man 8 Years

Iron Man Mode was released way back in 2014 for RuneScape players, making for quite a mind-numbing and challenging way to play the MMORPG. Why? Well, Iron Man Mode players can't trade, PvP, play in group activities, or much of anything else - effectively locking them out of specific content that made it harder to gain XP and gear.

Completing the challenge would require a player to wrack up 200 million XP for every skill in the game, which from the limitations I discussed, makes Iron Man Mode incredibly daunting. As it turns out, one player rose to the occasion after eight years.

RuneScaper Iron Hyger has completed the Iron Man Mode challenge after maxing a lengthy list of skills, including, but not limited to, Strength, Thieving, Farming, Construction, Fishing, Firemaking, Fletching, Hitpoints, and several more. In total, Iron Hyger rounded up 4.6 billion XP to max their skills. That puts them 500 million above the runner-up player Didss, while the third place holder SteSkillalt sits about 500 million behind second place.

To think it took eight years to accomplish this goal is equally baffling and shows an immense commitment to RuneScape. Many regard Iron Man Mode as one of the most grindy challenges in RuneScape history. This accomplishment shows how long it really takes.

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