A few new features are on their way to Funcom’s Age of Conan and Community Manager Odonoptera has all the details.

Players who have been inquiring about the planned Raid Finder system will be happy to know that Odon has some information about that today. According to the update, the system will allow “players of all backgrounds” to be able to enjoy the content. This is partially due to there being no gear requirements for players to use it.

The system is designed to select a single raid instance per week and send players using the Raid Finder there. The chosen instance will change weekly.

As far as the looting system goes, players will be rewarded on a personal basis with rewards being delivered directly to their inventory.

Odon also has some information on PvP and Arena encounters. The team is currently working on a set of solo arena-style encounters intended to provide a variety of boss scenarios that will work with the pet and companion system. Encounter types and difficulty will depend on what companion a player has with them.

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