Age of Wushu just launched in North America in April, but the Snail Games team hasn’t been wasting any time. Today, they announced the first expansion for the game, Legends of Mount Hua — which I can’t help but pronounce in an exaggerated martial arts voice as “HOO-AHHHH!” — set to go live on Aug. 8.

The expansion introduces a junkload (Get it? Junks are Chinese boats, so it’s a boatload… never mind) of new content, including tournaments, a new story instance, a team arena, a mentoring system, and much more. The Jianghu Status System is another new innovation that will let players improve their standing with various NPC factions, unlocking items, titles, quests, dungeons, and special battlefields.

That’s a whole lot of stuff to cram into one update/expansion, so the only thing I can think to add is: HOO-AHHHH!


  1. im i a noob or is the game too complicated?

    i made a Tangmen and i spent weeks training him and stuff, but it would always feel really weak when i dueled other players

    my internal skills were relatively high and my active skills were pretty well trained, yet i still was weaker compared to other players

    i will probably start over when i get back from the USA to Bulgaria and start on Age of Wulin EU, but i dont know if my experience in the game will be the same

    will anyone respond to me and explain if i was doing something wrong or what? i think Wudang and probably Schollars and Royal Guards will be easier to play, what do you guys think?

  2. everything in this game is nice… good graphics… good gameplay… but there’s just something that makes the game is non-addictive…..

  3. Geez, i used to be so obsessed with this game. I even spent 20$, then one day i logged in and all my Liang(in-game money) was gone. I went to the forums and no one even cared. After i cried for 10 minutes i uninstalled and never returned. I would literally play this game all day.

    Morale of the story is: The staff that works on the american server doesn’t care, they are really greedy.


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