Whenever any Free to Play MMORPG comes along with some sort of anticipation behind it, people tend to forget about the cash shop (An aspect of the MMO that is very crucial but often overlooked by the masses). Overlooked in the sense that, a player does not have the cash shop as a high priority on their list of important features that matter most to them in an MMO. Obviously, the player will usually have the actual play experience as the main priority, when considering whether they should invest any time into the game. Still, the cash shop is an important thing to consider, especially if certain items within the cash shop could fundamentally swing unfair advantages in favor of players that have the money to spend.

With this in mind, we take a look at some new details concerning the upcoming Martial Arts MMORPG, Age of Wushu.

What’s for sale?

Age of Wushu offers players a few different choices of items to purchase. These options include Membership opportunities, a virtual item shop where players can purchase vanity items and mounts and curiously, in-game currency. It does worry me a bit that Age of Wushu will offer anything currency-related to players; since being able to purchase currency diminishes the value of the currency in the game’s economy. Snail Games, the developer of Age of Wushu, has indicated though that “the best weapons, skill books, and equipment do not come from spending real world money, but from the effort players put forth in their professions and the world.” Still, wouldn’t you just be able to purchase currency and then purchase a weapon made by someone who actually put in the time with their professions?

Beyond the typical items available, within the cash shop is a unique set of martial art skills. According to Snail Games, these skills cannot create an amazingly powerful character on their own, and are carefully balanced to not interfere with gameplay. Apparently, they merely serve as low-level skills with interesting animations. Age of Wushu intends to be an MMO that relies on a player’s skill (presumably in both PvE and PvP) as the only determining factor in deciding a victor.

The beta is just three days away (first beta starts November 15th), but cash shop options presumably won’t be implemented for a while. If you want to check out Age of Wushu for yourself, you can head on over to the official site and sign up for a chance at scoring a beta key. You can also “pre-order” the game for $9.99 and get instant beta access along with other goodies at launch. Woooo goodies.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. the skills that are not over powering are collectable skills for novelty because they are exactly from the super famous chinese wuxia novels which is why the game made like 100 million their first week in china and you act like all free to play games dont sell dumb stuff like a holloween mask for the holidays and shi-t which is exactly the same useless stuff as this game is doing.

    In this game though players can have up to 200 people in a guild, you can learn what ever skills you want in what ever martial arts school literally, all martial arts school are different, players run the economy because since a natural disaster destroyed lots of the city, guilds get tax money on what ever area they own, theirs a whole bunch of professions in the game can and you can swtich from them at any times but your skills from that profession will disapeer.

    and for more go to mmoculture.com and type in age of wulin(its called wulin in europe)(and this was before a american version was even thought of) and watch the chinese dude do the review and see all the features if you’re to ignorant and dumb as shi t to actually see it before you judge since i’m sure you guys know everything in the world from laying your fat ass in your own world.

      • Ohh shut it like any ftp member has mutch right to complain the skill’s do not afect the game the buying can but wont for the simple fact of grinding can do the same it is not pay to win bye mmobomb standers so if you say p2w you are in fact not looking at the game it is a great game thats why no one can say it suck so their trolling the shops we pay to play people keep you free to play people alive daily if you can play for free then we should be allowed to relaxe and not grind face it you are all jeluse not mad dont think you can troll this game for in game currencey in shop when you have not even helped pay for the game so shut it and play we will keep paying for you and any one ealse who wants to play a great game. THE END!

  2. the problem is…GW2 and EVE both had to be bought in the first place…therefore spending money in the CS for in-game currency was like a bonus, but this game is F2P hundreds of people who dont have money will join…and hundreds who do have money will as well….thats a pretty F’d up economy right there.

  3. An asian import mmo based around ancient china and/or some kind of chinese mythical lore held up purely by a cash shop? This promises to be unique and original! Right guys?… guys?…. right?…. am I right guys?… we can run on water

  4. omg a new cash shop feature?!?!?!?!? please let me give you thousands of dollars so i can be the best at a crap korean game that copies code

  5. Purchasing in-game currency is more than common in some very popular games, including Pay to Play/Buy to Play games such as EvE and GW2. (Items tradeable for in-game gold). This has not proven to de-value currency, but has shown to slow down illegal gold selling and gold farming.

    • totally agree, but don’t know why other gamers can’t see it that way. it’s like the f2p players (don’t pay / buy cash shop stuff) want an equal footing with the paying players.
      In which helps and support the dev to make more updates and contents. there’s really no point in getting mad for their own official in-game currency exchange. well jealous maybe, but not mad.

      • lmao at you devilLee 3 words Free to play…..free to play players download/play a ftp because its so called a free to play >.> Actually websites like mmobomb are made to advertise ftps. If they were just pay to play games they wouldnt be on these sites. Im not dogging on this game or any other game that has a cash shop im just commenting on your statement of f2p players complaining about cash shops. Its there right just as much as it is yours or other paying players to buy your gear/mounts ect to be better without the effort. I shiver at the thought were ftp games come out where you can just buy your lvs in the cash shop >.< oh its coming people.

        • well it’s their choice anyway, I’ve never spend money on f2p mmorpgs before or now. btw, wouldn’t people be complaining GW2’s cash / in-game currency conversion too? well probably a few that I didn’t noticed.

  6. Well this game just lost me…
    Obviously it’s not much to Free to Play (with its memberships)
    And more into Pay to Win as well… (with its in-game currency buying)

    Well good luck Age of Wushu… another chinese MMORPG… hope you don’t make it…

  7. what moron tought that buying ingame currency would be a good idea its like legal gold sellers and why sell skills thats based on the low lv skills just with better animations only people who have too much cash would buy those skills it wont be pay2win but it surely will pay4fun

    • The thought behind it is rather simple. If you’re already selling gold, gold sellers have no market. I don’t think it really works, but that’s the thought process.

    • It’s not moronic – it’s smart business. Even WoW, GW2 and EvE have means by which a player can easily exchange real cash for in-game gold. This has not proven to ruin economies, but slows down gold farmers and generates revenue for the game – both of which are bit benefits.

      • you do know that the ecomony can be rly f* up when players start buying tons of gold so the free players will have a real hard time buying stuff from players

        • well that’s really is THEIR CHOICE, it’s their money they’re spending. as a f2p players we still GET TO PLAY THE GAME, rather then having f2p model like the SWTOR ones (which sucks balls).


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