Oh Snail Games how considerate of you, releasing a PvP focused MMO and then announcing a PvE expansion. You’ve just got everything covered for everybody don’t you? From paying off NPCs to kidnap your arch nemesis, to adding an 18-man raid with multiple paths, you’ve really outdone yourself.

Age of Wushu’s first expansion, Legends of Mount Hua, was released today and marks a shift in the MMOs focus towards PvE. Mind you, that isn’t to say the new expansion doesn’t have anything new for PvP’ers. A new 80 player battleground which pits the Mongolian Raiders versus the Ming Dynasty is sure to mean fresh blood on the ends of razor sharp katanas.

Players can also pick up two new skills called: the Astonishing Goose Blade and the Flowing Cloud Sword. I’m not quite sure what either does but I’m sure anything involving a blade made of a goose is astonishing regardless.

Of course there’s also the newly introduced JiangHu faction reputation rewards, apprentice program for new players looking to get started quickly and the new artifact items to collect.

More information regarding the expansion including details about a brand new server can be found on Age of Wushu’s official site here.


  1. apparently age of wushu/wulin character customisation are all ingame costumes, everytime you wear a different headgear your hairstyle changes. The only thing that stays is your face at start

  2. can the koreans and chinese please stop making mmos. they’re all horrible clones with shitty graphics and no character customization.

    • Kissing ass. As all ways. I don’t think MMOBOMB has ever said anything bad about a game ever. All ways ass kissers.

      • Go read any of the Scarlet Blade articles, or even the recent Hi-Rez stuff. We certainly don’t “kiss ass”. In this case you are mistaking playful teasing/sarcasm for something entirely different.

        • dont .. just dont. You don’t need to validate your statement to a brick wall. Some peoples minds are made up before looking at facts. Wushu is in fact a NICHE sandbox u know, that word a certain AAA from trion worlds is going to be but they love that. Though Wuxia might not be everyones cup of noodals (see what i did there?) but in terms of f2p mmos on the market, dept isnt one of the knocks for this title. More less people were outraged by its less than stellar localizations and to be honest if your name isnt Nexon or NCsoft you dont know how to localize these products.
          I still cant believe I am coming to the defense of SnailGames or Wushu bad grammar and all but Expansion of content are good thing and if u wanna hate on that.. well sigh
          @spunkify i thought bringing a bit of character to a legit article was a nice change of pace hashtag CYNIC

  3. This game has become Pay to Play with Free Trial, since all the abilities to gather and craft are now exclusive fof VIP players. The game has potential and for a sandbox its pretty fun, but now you will be forced to either buy VIP to earn un-bound currency (and buy/craft pvp gears) or be a mediocre free player with npc gear.

    • I don’t think buying VIP is pay to win. More like pay to play (full game). I’m sure they need income to maintain the game. I find it silly that people are complaining about vip costs money. I personally think it’s a well made game. More importantly nobody forces anybody to buy VIP. I have a friend that never had VIP and he’s at lv36 3rd inner skill. He does just fine without it. He even has more money than a lot VIP players.


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