You can’t take gamers to Egypt if your MMORPG world doesn’t have an Egypt. When that’s the case, you simply plop down a pyramid and as sphinx in some desert-y type area and give the NPCs appropriate-sounding names. On the one hand, it seems kinda weird in what’s supposed to be a medieval fantasy world. On the other hand, real, historical feudal Europe didn’t exist in any of these worlds either.

Aion has brought back the Secret of the Ancients for a limited time, letting daevas run quests for King Ramsus and his wife Queen Shepsut as they try to stem the tide of monsters streaming through a rift. There are rewards in the offing, such as Ancient and Divine Relics, and Keys that open Puzzle Boxes you get by completing a weekly quest.

Learn more about the Secret of the Ancients event on the Aion site. It runs until June 6, after which, if you want a taste of Egypt in your MMORPG, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

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