Aion Abbey

You hear “We made these changes based on player feedback” a lot with games, but NCSoft is putting something behind those words with today’s Aion patch.

The biggest sigh of relief from players likely comes from the first line of the patch notes: “Previously socketed manastones will no longer be destroyed when you fail to socket a manastone.” In other words, no more losing all your hard work on your previous manastones when you get a bad roll on a new one. To compensate, the chance of successfully socketing a new manastone has been slightly reduced.

Another major feature is the implementation of abbeys, found in each faction’s main city. Players who haven’t logged into Aion for 30 days can visit the abbey to help them catch up with gear upgrades, daily and one-shot quests, and an Energy of Repose recharge pad. Returning players can also supply reward boosts to help their entire party, giving regular players an incentive to help those players.

As an aside, I think this is great. For the most part, the “catch-up” factor in MMOs is limited to XP boosts (“rest XP”) which are all but useless after a certain point. Maybe back in the day when leveling was a major part of the challenge of MMOs, it mattered, but with the emphasis most games have on endgame gear acquisition, it’s a pittance. If you want to give players a reason to return, give them a bonus to gear acquisition, which actually matters. Most of us haven’t wanted bonus XP in years.

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  1. I love AION but NcSoft have ruined it, once it went free to play the player based increased in quantity while decreasing in quality. The community deteriorated back then and it continues to do so. Their part of their website stopped working a few years back and I’m afraid i haven’t checked lately but i believe it has been useless for quite some time. From hackers in pvp to the lack of GM’s ever on their issues where many back when i played, all of this left a sour taste in my mouth, not to mention the obvious pay to win cash shop implemented (I know it wasn’t like that back in the beginning of f2p). They completely turned the abyss into a desert flying didn’t matter and most of the pvp was on the ground(I know that wasn’t NcSoft NA’s doing but at that point i did not care). So many more things were done to the game that while I love AION, I can’t bring myself to play it again.

  2. Well, whatever NCSoft implements does not matter in Europe. While NCSoft made the game Truly Free in the United States, here in Europe the servers are run by Gameforge, and they made some pretty-little buttf**king restrictions for non-subcribing players: the coplete restriction of trading. In fact, the players, who did not subscribe for at least once with their accounts can not access the auction house, can not send items via letters, can not open direct trade or shop. This is a greater-than-anything turnoff, free players don’t have a chance for an enjoyable endgame, and altough I tried the game and it was fun, but no thanks, no Aion for me…

    • Gahen. I’d really try out the NCsoft version of AION like Adrian87 mentions. I play on the NA servers from the Netherlands and it’s really good. Not even any issues with latency tbh. Imho the servers are a lot more stable then anything GF have ever used so it might even be an improvement (in my experience it usually is going from GF’s tera & aion to the NA versions of those games).

      • I usually had 200-400 ms ping on the US East Coast servers, when I tried Black Gold Online or Dragons Prophet (US version). That meant that the game was completely unplayable, because the late responses. So I gave up playing on distant servers.


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