Aion: Echoes of Eternity Expansion Goes Live

QuintLyn Bowers
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The next chapter in the Aion story is officially live and ready to play in NA. Echoes of Eternity picks up with players fighting to prevent a massive cataclysm caused by the shrinking aether field around the tower.

This new expansion introduces content focused on the regions around the tower, including new instances and new zones. There are also new weapons, as well as a level increase. Players can check out the new content now by logging into game, or heading over to the Aion site.

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Bug 7 years ago
I agree completely with Grims Bane. I've played since launch and this patch is beyond ridiculous. They threw it together and put it out there and put zero thought or planning into what they were doing and did not bother to put enough quests in. They seem to have forgotten that part. You have to do more than put a pretty world together. What they did do is have you kill the exact same mobs in the exact same area doing the exact same quest from 66-75 with diminishing returns each level. The instances are a joke. They took two very large instances from lower levels and neutered them. They made them very tiny and really not worth your while, except you have to do them your 6 times a week because you are desperate for xp. Leveling is hell. I don't mind grinding quests to level, but don't have me grind the exact same quests and mobs for 10 levels straight especially since those quests barely put a dent in your bar. That goes beyond lazy game development.

Then there is the debacle they created with the new facial expressions for characters. Nearly everyone in the game was affected by this and not in a good way. They had an awesome character creator, but now anyone who has played the game before 5.0 is now playing a demented looking troll. They characters look horrible. Some their faces have changed completely, some their bodies are completely misshapen. It is absurd. As someone that was very meticulous about all my characters appearances (I have several accounts as I've played since the beginning) this particular thing has been very upsetting. So many people are angry and NCSoft refuses to be accountable for the screw up. They are giving 1 plastic surgery ticket per account. The game is 7 years old and those of us playing that long have all 8 characters on our accounts filled out. We should be able to fix all of them, not just 1. Gameforge is giving all EU customers enough plastic surgery tickets for their entire accounts. Only NCWest is maintaining there is no problem.

Just one more nail in the coffin. Lots of people are ready to quit over this patch. Aion has always been my main game, but this latest nonsense has even me thinking about quitting. It just isn't any fun anymore.

Die now 7 years ago
Who is Gods name is still playing this... kill yaself

Grims Bane 7 years ago
The Expansion seems to be quite the disappointment ncsoft as usual did not listen to its play base when they messed up with 4.8 and did not put enough quests or xp gains in the game to make it a fun ride to max level. 5.0 just added gear that in some circumstances isn't even better than the old gear, grind hell and much more, very little quests, silly and pointless quests that say kill 40 to 60 of something yet the xp being so very little. Big Abomb to Ncsoft on this one, if they'd listen to there player base they may actually get more people to play there game.

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