Aion has been slowly gearing up for its latest expansion since late last year. Now with less than a month away from the official 4.0 release NCSoft has teased fans with a new trailer for the expansion that sets the stage for the MMO’s latest conflict.

While I haven’t been keeping up with Aion’s story, the trailer does its best to bring everyone up to speed on the happenings in the world of Atreia. Betrayal, conquest, hints of new content, a giant golem and somewhat cliched voice acting are all present in the trailer which names the Dragon Lord Beritra as the new arch-villain.

Personally, I feel using betrayal as a plot point to fuel a new expansion has been done too much already. However in terms of actual content, Aion’s 4.0 update aims to deliver. The expansion will add 2 new classes starting with the support oriented Bard and the mobile ranged dps Gunslinger. Having played a Bard in Rift, it was quite satisfying seeing giant musical notes fall from the sky and crash into enemies in the trailer. More ridiculous skills like that please.

The expansion will also see players progressing to the new level cap of 65. On their journey they will encounter two new zones and be able to tackle a whopping eleven new instances.

Seeing as this is the official E3 trailer for the update, we can most likely expect more details starting next week. We hadn’t planned on checking out what NCSoft was serving up -mainly because I was unaware they were showing Aion at E3-, but if people are interested we may swing by their booth to check it out.

Are you excited for the latest Aion expansion?

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  1. Fun lore facts: Beritra was super POed because Tiamat killed his lover (who was a fellow dragon lord, and also happened to be male as well). I’m pretty sure that’s the betrayal in question; Tiamat killed him to take over his position and Beritra was none too happy about that. So now he’s just… destroying all the things.


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