Aion’s INVASION update went live a few hours ago and while the update comes with a slew of features, the most interesting addition may just be the Panesterra Intra-Server PvP event. Technically this event is considered a “beta” until the 1st scheduled event starts on November 9th at 7 PM server time. This first go around will be considered a test as only the seige portion of the battle will be available and players will be surveyed for their feedback

Here’s the deal, every server is thrown into one large battle together where 100 of each faction from each server can join. That’s right. You and 99 other member of your faction queue up but you aren’t just battling against 100 members of the opposing faction, you’ll be fighting against 200 people from every other server (100 from each of those server’s factions).

INVASION also adds a new zone, 2 new instances (a level 65 solo dungeon and a 6v6 PvPvE dungeon), the new Atreian passport system (basically a login reward program), and a few quality of life improvements.

Daeva will now be able to teleport to bind points by clicking them on the map, use a new gear “purification” system, be able to socket Godstones anywhere (NPC visit no longer required), and take on a number of new world bosses.

It’s quite the update so be sure to check out the full update blog.

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