When Aion‘s Ereshkigal’s Wrath Update hits, it will introduce several new instances as well as adjustments to the Glory Points system and class and skill updates.

There are four new instances total, ranging in size from 1 to 18 players. The lowest level required to participate is for the Illumiel Brawl — a training ground open to players level 76 and above where players will be transformed into a powerful being and fight the opposite faction in 3v3 combat.

The other three instances all require players be level 80. The Veilenthrone requires players to assemble an alliance of 18 players to fight to stop Ereshkigal before she gets ahold of the final piece needed to secure her power. In Herelym Mine, 1 to 6 players will work to restore order to the mine so the mining of Lym Ore can resume. Finally, in Pandora Agency, players will need to complete a series of objectives across various maps. In doing so, they risk running into the opposite faction, so they’ll need to be careful.

As for other changes this update, the Glory Points system now includes individual competitive season where players will be able to obtain rewards for the GP they’ve earned.

The update is slated to hit March 27 and players can expect full patch notes some time next week. Until then, you can check out the preview on the game’s site.

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