Aion's upcoming Aethertech class brings on the big guns

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor

My thirst for an MMO where I can command a truly badass mech suit may finally be quenched now that NCSoft has revealed the latest upcoming class for Aion. Having only recently released the 4.0 update which added two brand new classes and an abundance of end game content, Aion is now poised to go high-tech with the Aethertech.

While other classes in Aion are undeniably more fantasy based, the Aethertech boasts a surprising amount of sci-fi influence. Forgoing the usual assortment of traditional swords, spells and other rudimentary weaponry, the Aethertech relies on piloting a mech suit filled to the brim with versatile futuristic technology.

The class's official description spells out exactly what kind of firepower the Aethertech can bring to the table:

This Technist utilizes magical mechanical mounts to unleash both short-and-long distance attacks, making it an ideal class to add to any raid, PvP or boss battle deep in the world of Atreia. By pulsing aether through these armored suits, the Aethertech can form Gatling guns, rail guns, blades, electric whips, gigantic fists, and even rocket launchers to devastate their opponents.

Unfortunately, the Aethertech is still a ways away. The new class will be added in the upcoming 4.5 patch which hits Korean test servers on July 29th and will arrive on North American servers after the usual localization process.

For now you can ogle at the class preview video above which features the Aethertech beating the living daylights out of smaller inferior creatures.

I am a bit curious though, a quick gander at the like/dislike bar along with some of the video's comments shows many fans are upset with the addition of a class they feel doesn't fit Aion's fantasy theme. While I personally enjoy the creativeness of the class, I can certainly see why players might be concerned the addition of the Aethertech may break immersion. What do you think?

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Michael Dunaway, News Editor
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Discussion (18)

Iluna 9 years ago
guys Aion is developed by Loreans for Koreans, stop QQ

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 9 years ago
Giga drill break!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell do you think I am? D:

Kess 9 years ago

ExHuman 9 years ago
nice class
equally fun to ride it to battle or to bring it down with your compound bow

Iah 9 years ago
I just started playing a Songweaver after the 4.0 update. I'm only level 26, so my opinion might change after the grind gets worse,but so far I'm having lots of fun. I'm playing on the fast track server most of the time,but that's the way to do it if you want to level up fast (and not worry about being ganked). As far as the Aethertech class goes,I think it might be interesting; I mean,they already have a gunner class. It's not as if something like this is completely unwarranted,and it looks fun to play.
Oh,and the game itself is pretty stunning,despite the fact the game is getting up there in years. I have a HP Envy Sleekbook,and even with my pretty unimpressive system specs I can run it just fine. It's very well optimized.

justsaying 9 years ago
I really do suggest people take another look, or for some a first one, at Aion 4.0+. They have done plenty of work to make it a little less terrible and a little more fun for players.
Things like the Fast Track server that is a xp+ addition IN GAME available till lvl 50, this way you can quest in peace for the most part till its almost required to interact with the PvP content.
I understand its a 40gb download, however you can start playing after the initial install is complete. Very similar to WoW's launcher in this regard. There isn't actually much you want to see early game anyway as the special effects don't mean much till around lvl 25+.
For those who are looking for "whats new then eh?" lets add a list:

-Housing that is free at first (apartment) the has a monthly or weekly fee depending on size of house and commitment. Think of it like rent. you not only get to decorate with special things from boss drops but you also can gain god stones or rare dyes this way.
-Wing Reskins, these help only a bit as unless your picky about how your character looks you'll just leave them alone until its 40+ level time.
-The Bard class is now seemingly like the Chanter class, which to me was a wonderful addition -since sometimes finding a chanter was difficult, or they were so focused on PvE solo that they just couldn't gear right.
-The Gunslinger class is an interesting DPS, i'm currently experimenting with it to see its difference between ranger and it.
-More Abyss bosses! so more PvP in the Abyss!
-More Dungeons!
-Titles have also gone into revamp as they are attempting to balance the whole system.

There is probably more to this than what i've talked about, and i'm sure there are some educated people who wish to add on to this. Which i hope they do so as to help educate others beyond the run on sentences above me. Aion has revamped in a positive manner even if the NCSoft login system is extremely wonky, just contact support if you have issues and they are really good at making it work.

surice17 9 years ago
this is perfect more classes ass the game updates what more can you ask for like yeah alot of grinding but who cares all i can say is i can fly and who doesnt like flying but now im going to be able to play in a mech like im about to fight a kiju like it was pacific rim came on people dont judge the game if your not good at it ncsoft is doing good but just wait for blood and soul then lets see some talking and some real skill. the game is awesome to me and my girlfriend thinks the same

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Aion comment 9 years ago
This game really sucks I played it , the high quality engine kills ur radeon GPU and works only with Nvidia GPS , and if u pick ranger ( class I like most in RPG games ) u will rage quit cos u must work very hard to get the good skils at 25 + ..... everything in this game is maked against low lvl players I played it last year when it wos f2p for first months and wos many players now its almost EMPTY , all this is BS I dont care really about graphics I played L2 alot , I care about the story , quests and how the game is with players , this one is just Visually good rest sucks not worth ur time .

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Gatko 9 years ago
incredible :D

anip 9 years ago
I like Bots, Bots are awesome.

Nuno 9 years ago
ppl that play aion for years aren't used to changes, therefore a new class that has a mecha looks like a sex change for them. its just too wierd.

i think it looks awsome ppl shouldnt judge stuff without playing it first

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Darkhearts 9 years ago
I may pick the game back up for this hehe

first 9 years ago

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