Spicy Horse Games, the studio behind the upcoming action-RPG Akanerio: Demon Hunters, announced over the weekend that the closed beta phase has begun.

Sadly, only one thousand players are headed off to Edo-era Japan to engage in battle as a Demon Hunter, against the untold horrors based on Japanese folklore and mythology. The studio is reportedly only letting a small number in, initially, to help test server stability and game content. Once the Spicy Horse team gets cozy and comfortable with having just a thousand onboard, an additional five thousand players will be added to increase server load.

It appears from there the frequency of additional waves of testers will be increased as needed, with the eventual launch of Open Beta to come in the future. If you haven’t signed up for this decidedly dark beta, you can do so now by visiting the game’s official site.

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  1. Gamer on November 8, 2012

    Seeing those boss fights in the trailer did not leave a good impression…
    It looks too simple and repetitive…

  2. Joe on November 7, 2012

    So basically torchlight2 meets japanese folklore

  3. Tim on November 6, 2012

    @Honde can you elaborate? I’m just wondering what the overall game is like.

  4. Honde on November 6, 2012

    I’m in the beta. As far as I played it’s the worst browser-based rpg I’ve seen.

    • Average Joe on November 9, 2012

      Then this must be the only browser based rpg you’ve ever seen,
      Either that, or you’re completely blind.

      And please don’t come up with “my opinion” excuses, I can respect your opinion and all, but that doesn’t make it any less stupid.

      My point? Only the art style and smooth movement makes it better than most browser based games posted right here in this page’s top 10 browser based games.

      Your point? None.

  5. Axel on November 5, 2012

    im in the beta, the game is browser based, sadly they aren’t putting us together yet, but in overall the game is way better than i expected 😀

  6. Samuraii on November 5, 2012

    I’m in beta! Akaneiro rocks 🙂

  7. Heh on November 5, 2012

    I got an e-mail from them telling me I didn’t get into beta. -.- Not mad. Just kinda annoying to get a pointless e-mail. xD

  8. Saiko on November 5, 2012

    My My, aren’t you accomplished… Little “FIRST” person… Anyways…. The game looks interesting, I sense a lot of grinding though… Anyone else agree? No? …………
    *insert smart-ass comment here*

  9. Xhongi on November 5, 2012

    I made a thread of this game on the forums 😀 also First ;3