Players of Albion Online have been gathering, crafting, fighting, and ganking for four years now — or a bit longer, depending on how you count time — and Sandbox Interactive has a big celebration underway to commemorate 40%(-ish) of a decade. For starters, players can enjoy a 25% Fame boost until July 26, and if you log in before July 31, you’ll receive a free Anniversary Fireworks item in your mail.

On the content front, a classic dungeon from beta, Defenders of the Past, is live in-game until July 31. The dungeon spawns randomly in T4-8 zones in the Royal Continent and the Outlands, in both solo and group versions. Completing the dungeon will give you a chance at receiving the Blue Anniversary Banner, as well as other loot.

The team at Sandbox Interactive also highlighted some of the major updates and changes to the game over the past four years. We won’t go into heavy detail about them, since they’re all basically old news, but feel free to check out the retrospective on the website if that’s your thing.

The one new-ish element is the 2021 roadmap, which was revealed on June 29. Game Director Robin Henkys spoke about an artistic upgrade coming to the game that would be “breathing fresh live into the visual appearance of all biomes,” as well as “new and upgraded ways to be active in the open world,” including “elite levels” for veteran players, and much more. Check out the video below for all of the fine details.

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  1. Should jump back in. Have not been in the game since it went free, which is a GREAT thing! love free, I also do not mind if I pay early and it goes the best way, as its being free gives you the player room to breath.


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