Time keeps on ticking and Albion Online, the free-to-play sandbox MMO by Sandbox Interactive, continues its journey through Alpha. The latest trailer takes us through some of the changes made recently including some visual improvements, a peek at what looks like the farming system, and even some large scale PvP.

Albion Online will be free-to-play at launch but you can jump into the next Alpha event (starting January 26th) buy purchasing one of their Founder’s Packs.

Does Albion’s return to a more “hardcore sandbox” style interest you? Let me know why in the comments below!

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  1. That trailer looks awesome, I have no interest in paying for any founder packs (either $49.95/99.95 for alpha and some bonuses) but this game looks like it has a lot of potential. It looks amazing with it’s art style but will probably run on low end machines and since it will be free-to-play a huge amount of people will be able to access it. Which means more noobs for me to pwn in PvP! I’m pretty excited.

  2. Come on, two years in alpha, one person developing this or what… dont waste to be founder, u will be very old or even dead when this game comes out!

    • the current trend in kickstarter mmos (ALPHA FOR 2 YEARS) free money might as well just have a 10 year alpha, make people pay to alpha test? makes a lot of sense… nope!


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