Gala Networks Europe and Gala-Net has announced that Astral Storm, the latest content update for Allods Online, will go live today across all servers. Astral Storm coincides with the first anniversary of Allods Online’s launch as a full title and brings a range of tweaks, adjustments and improvements, alongside major additions such as the highly anticipated Mentor system and the Astral Treasure Hunt and a special launch event.

The mentoring system in Allods Online allows characters over level 30 to form a special bond with any newly created, non-reincarnated character over level 6 and the entire process is managed within the game’s UI. Mentors will receive a range of rewards, including a commission of the gold and loot earned by their apprentices, based on the amount of time a player spends mentoring their apprentice. The mentoring relationship ends when an apprentice reaches the same level as their mentor.

Astral Storm also includes a new sector of Astral space for fearless Astral travelers with a lust for loot. Players can enter the sector in their Astral vessels to acquire randomly-spawning treasure within a limited time, with the spawn rate going up as more player ships enter. However, a higher density of ships increases the chance of a demon appearing, upping the stakes across the board.

If Astral travelers prefer missions with a guaranteed reward, they can always join the Astral Caravan, which sets daily missions for Astral vessel owners. Players are given a set of goods to deliver to locations along trade routes in Astral space, with a commission for delivering them. However, other ships can attack the player and the goods can be stolen, meaning the victor gets the spoils and the delivery commission.

Other improvements include an overhaul of the questing interface that brings an integrated map and quest log, alongside an ‘automove’ feature that leads the player’s characters to the next quest location. There have also been many other adjustments and tweaks made across the entirety of Allods Online as the game continues to develop and refine itself.

Wrapping up the new content is the announcement of a special launch event for Astral Storm. This will include players being able to meet the leaders of their factions, with deeds and tasks to be completed in order to earn hats, costumes, fireworks and postcards to help celebrate their faction’s pride.

More detailed information on Astral Storm can be found on the official European and North Amercian Allods Online websites.


  1. Is ALLODS any good? I use to play DDO & it got so lame, I also play HELLGATE GLOBAL, I really like it a lot don’t know why hellgate global has such a bad rep, although the social panel need an upgrade big time.


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