Allods Online will crack open a whole new book with the release of “Game of Gods” this February. This radical jump forward in the game’s development will bring over a year’s worth of new content to both North American and European players. Already one of the most expansive and comprehensive MMORPGs, Allods Online: Game of Gods brings even more game modes, content, and features for both new and veteran players.

Dive deep into the machinations of the gods with over 100 new quests and a challenging raid stocked with 10 monstrous bosses that will test the limits of even the most skilled player. Stun your enemies with a slew of skills unique to the all-new bard class, claim great prestige and powers by achieving Great Rank, and face off in teams of 12 in the new PvP battlegrounds.

This expansion’s main features include:

· New Quests: Meet the gods of Sarnaut and unravel the mysteries of this strange universe’s creation and destruction in a series of over 100 story-driven quests.
· New Raid: Challenge 10 powerful bosses in an epic raid designed for the most skilled players.
· New Bard Archetype: Master new skills and a new play style with the completely new bard class.
· Great Rank: Win ultimate renown by completing an epic quest series to gain an extra skill point, customization slot, and more to make an even stronger character.
· Bigger Battlegrounds: Team up to defeat opposing players in the new 12v12 PvP Battlegrounds.
· Expanded Astral: Brave the lethal fourth layer of Astral Space with its 13 all new astral allods.
· Faster Ship Combat: Spin the ship and fire the cannons faster than ever with newly revamped physics for astral ship battles.
· Increased Level Cap: Achieve new heights of power as the level cap expands from 47 to 51.
· Share with Friends: Record all your victories with an automatic, opt-in social network system.

Soon everyone in Sarnaut will be drawn into the action as the war for the shattered world intensifies, and the Game of Gods has only just begun! Get a head start on the action and keep an eye on all future events and details at the official Allods sites for North America and Europe.


  1. This game is grate!
    I have been play from the beat and i have restart with a new character in this days,and i have to tell the game is change so much and now it is a really good game,I suggest to try it…peace from italy

  2. I just finished re-installing the game. I quit playing after the Gipat patch (Was level 25) due to the major restrictions being put on player progression (Increased exp needed to level, use of incense from cash shop just to deal “normal” damage).

    But now, everything seems to be all well. Fatigue system is gone and its a much faster to level, i got from level 1 to 30 in a few days with only an average 2 hrs a day of playtime. It used to be 1-30 in a couple of weeks with 4 hrs of game time due to the damage restrictions, buffed quest mobs etc.

    All in all, game is so much better! Excellent graphics and doesnt require of high end gaming system

  3. Frankly, This game will need a rereview when this launches. People complained about Gipat, and everything got fixed, but people still complain about fixed things.
    It has the best story i’ve seen in an MMO this big. And grinding has been reduced when they decided to remove fatigue system. Only problem is low player base.
    PS Start playing to fix this problem 🙂

  4. seriously the only bad points of this game are:
    -not a lot of players
    -leveling sooooooo long and boring

    increasing the level cap wont make it better

    • Leveling long and boring?
      You dont have to Grind from lvl 1 to lvl 45,what more do you want?
      I guess you like does old chinese games where some high level player party with you and kills a bunch of mobs and you go to lvl 100 in 1 hour.
      You are misleading people with that commentary..what you call boring is actually doing several types of quests(some unique in genre) and instances.Thats what most people call fun in a rpgmmo.
      The biggest issue of allods is at end game where you need to spend some money or farm till your fingers bleed to keep yourself competitive

  5. Adding the Bard Class was a terrible idea. It feels as if they are not taking the game seriously in terms of archetype lore. One of the best suggestions was the Death Knight.

    On the other hand, game is better than ever before I have to admit (based on community). I’m gunna re install it some time this week to see whats up.


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