Gala Networks Europe and Gala-Net has announced the next content update for Allods Online. This update includes a host of fixes and tweaks alongside some significant new features, including a new mentoring system and a new sector of Astral space dedicated to free-for-all treasure hunting.

The mentoring system in Allods Online allows a new character to benefit from the guidance and knowledge of a more experienced player of the same faction and archetype. Characters over level 30 can form a special bond with any newly created, non-reincarnated character over level 6 and the entire process is managed within the game’s UI, using a special window to manage requests and to automatically match mentors with prospective apprentices. Mentors will receive a range of rewards for their efforts, including gold, anniversary coins and marks of diligence. The type and value of rewards are based on the amount of time a player spends mentoring their apprentice. The mentoring relationship ends when an apprentice reaches the same level as their mentor.

Also launching in the coming update is a new sector of Astral space for fearless Astral travelers with a lust for treasure. As a pure free-for-all with no protection for faction alliances, players enter the sector in their Astral vessels to acquire randomly-spawning treasure. As more ships enter, the chance of treasure spawning becomes more likely, but this increase in riches comes at a cost – the chance of a demon appearing also increases, turning the Astral treasure hunt into the most chaotic free-for-all possible in Astral ships, with the victors reaping the rewards. Time for each ship in the treasure hunting sector is limited, so players will have to fly carefully and pick their battles to make the most of it.

While the Astral treasure hunt and the mentoring system round off the new content for May, there is even more to come as Allods Online will celebrate the 1st anniversary of its official launching on May 11th 2012. Players can look forward to a celebration week filled with in-game events and amazing rewards, including a unique, never before seen wolf mount which will be granted to every player as a gift to mark this momentous occasion.

More detailed information on can be found on the official European and North Amercian Allods Online websites.


  1. Great Game i played 1 year but i quit because of lag. i play Florensia Cash Shop itimes for free:

  2. just warning u guys, its a pay to win game.
    i played for 1 year and the current status of the game is:
    2 guilds rule the factions. To enter this guilds u need at least lvl 7 runes (cash shop item that raises your damage and defense by a %)
    New guilds dont stand a chance.
    Theres elitism ingame.
    Gpot (cash) is overpriced.

    So if u wanna start playing think twice before downloading.

  3. What is with the Russian Language in this game.Played it once and every where i look Russian Signs , even the charectars speak Russian.

    • the game was a russian developed game, they added the english language and others so they could touch a broader audience, that is why you see russian signs. No one change the models only the dialogue an language packs

    • Actually it was tobold who had the line of reionsang that they didn’t make a very good WoW. I simply feel that by not considering Alganon on it’s own merits does both the gaming community and the developers of the game a great disservice. And so the comment that it might not make a good WoW but it makes a great Alganon.The time we have been able to talk to the staff of Quest Online has indeed been very interesting. If their fans are devoted to them they certainly deserve it. One thing I have noticed is that the more successful a company (any company not just game developer) starts to get the more they start to develop the 800 pound Gorilla attittude. The people at Quest Online care about their community, they keep close ties to the community, and most importantly (and what few studios do) involve them in the development of the game.Thanks for the comment. They are always appreciated.


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