Allods Online is due for another update, and the team has a pretty size-able one in the works. When it arrives, update 11.0 “The Soul of Darkness update” will continue the storyline, picking up where it left off in Update 8.0, where the research ship Infinity made a discovery in the deep layers of the Astral. Players will now find themselves facing the demons of Darkness, and the only way they can do that is to create an army of the undead.

The new storyline will culminate in a major battle. Currently, the developer is withholding information on who that battle will be against. Although, they do state that it’s someone that served a creature that was destroyed by Nihaz in the past. They also state that the battle will take at least 30 minutes and contain four different bosses.

The update will also implement changes to the game’s stronghold mechanics. Quests required for upgrading the Stronghold and its Guardian have been changed so that all players need to do is take items to an NPC in the Stronghold. Players will also rely on personal and repeatable quests that can be taken on in order to contribute to the Stronghold.

Other changes included adjustments to artifacts and equipment, professions, Spark experience, Draconic Aspect, and a variety of other things. For the most part, these are changes to stats or general mechanics. A rundown of these changes is available on the Allods site.

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