Today, Jagex announced the launch of what it’s calling the “first ‘raid-like'” experience in its long running MMO RuneScape. The Temple of Aminishi welcomes players of all levels to slay mobs, take on mini-bosses, and eventually destroy three aquatic-themed bosses, including a chained serpent — Seiryu the Azure Serpent.

The dungeon is designed to be welcoming to both solo-players and groups. It also offers a story mode option that cuts back on enemy damage. Of course, the trade off is that it also lowers the chance of unlocking rewards.

Speaking of rewards, players who are able to defeat Seiryu and its cohorts will earn plenty — including cosmetic items, weapons, and tier 82-92 equipment. They’ll also raise their Dungeoneering skill and earn a title.

Don’t worry about getting bored running the same Elite Dungeon over and over again either. Jagex already has a second one in the works and plans to release it later this summer. Oh… and if you’d like a chance to grab three months of membership time for the price of two, some Hellion Armor, and a three-month membership to Old School RuneScape, you might want to check out the Summer Special promotion going on right now.

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