As APB Reloaded prepares for its 10th anniversary celebration, GamersFirst and Little Orbit are making a couple of major changes to the game. One of them is one players have been waiting on. The release of the game’s new engine draws closer, and that means it’s Open Beta time. So, mark out a spot on your calendar from 11 AM to 2 PM Pacific time on June 27. At that time, players will have the chance to test two districts — Social and Asylum. Of course, this is a big change and that means things won’t necessarily work the way players are used to, so you’ll want to read through the patch notes to know exactly what to expect.

The other important thing happening is that the developer has decided to change how monetization works by removing JMBs and allowing players to rent or outright obtain Legendary items using in-game Joker Tickets. Players who rent a Legendary will be able to use it for 7 days. So it’s a good way to try the weapon out. Occasionally, the “sales rep” Anne will forget to log that she rented the weapon to someone. So, if you get lucky, you might actually get to keep it anyway. If that doesn’t happen, she’ll just eventually give you the weapon if you rent it enough. So it’ll all work out eventually.

One of the other important things to note about this change is that Joker Mystery Boxes are being retired. In fact, the dev team has decided to move away from loot boxes, instead allowing players to directly purchase bundles of Joker Tickets from ARMAS so they can just grab what they want.

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  1. I checked the low amount of vids on this and it was hard to see differences of greaterness, the ones that stand out slightly area interface, walls and grass and little more detail in cloths which are better. Looking hard at it and I am pleased that they have upgraded to new engine, but the original seems to have a few more greater differences than the new which s surprising to see being a new engine. I suppose its still in the teething stages and we can give it the benefit of doubt that at least they are upgrading and maybe on this release it might pop out at you more.


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