Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are touting that 100 million players have dove into the world of Apex Legends. At least we assume that’s what they mean by “100 million strong” and they aren’t just referring to the latest bonuses for their senior executives:

If we assume that means 100 million players have tried the game, it’s an impressive milestone — though one that should maybe have come a little sooner, considering Apex’s phenomenal start. On March 4, 2019, one month after its launch, it boasted of having 50 million players. So that means it took one month to get its first 50 million and two years — exactly 800 days after its launch — to get the next 50 million.

By a similar point in its life cycle, Fortnite: Battle Royale had about 300 million players. Call of Duty: Warzone hit the 85 million mark after 269 days, and might be close to 100 million now, a year and a month after its launch.

That’s might be comparing apples and oranges, granted, but we’d wager it will be a while before Apex announces its next big milestone in terms of player count. By most accounts, it’s still a good game and has plenty of players — 91% positive and over 100,000 players at any time on Steam — so whether it hits 150 or 200 million in the next few years, or ever, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding opponents.


  1. I hate how Battle Royale completely killed the FPS genre and now there are barely any traditional FPS games with Bomb Defusal, TDM and other classic game modes.

  2. “Behind the pace of other recent battle royales” -> Only Fortnite, the worldwide phenomenon, had confirmed more players than it. Alright then.


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