Apex LegendsSeason 6 expires on Nov. 10, and Respawn Entertainment is busy making plans for Season 7. The developer just announced a Champions Edition for the free-to-play battle royale, which comes with nine legends, three legendary skins for legends, with weapon skins to match, an exclusive gun charm, and a bunch of Apex Coins. There’s no word yet on what the package will cost, but it will be available once the new season launches next month, with pre-orders likely coming before that.

Semi-announced in that reveal — thanks to Mirage’s motormouth — was the addition of a new legend, who is also being teased in-game. If you visit the Firing Range, a mysterious female character with an Irish accent will ask you to perform some tasks with a “fairly low chance of dismemberment.” In the lobby, you’ll find some new challenges under the title “A Wee Experiment,” and you’ll gain access to gravity lifts spread throughout the game’s two maps.

Dataminers seem to think the new legend is named “Horizon,” and that her powers revolve around gravity manipulation. Her ultimate ability is purported called Gravity Rift, which creates a black hole that temporarily pulls all enemies into it. That should sound awfully familiar to fans of other hero shooters, but I’d cut Respawn some slack. It’s hard to come up with totally new ideas when there are so many games out there that have already done just about everything there is to do, special powers-wise.


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