Yesterday, we had one battle royale developer believing “very strongly that every multiplayer game” should have cross-play, and today another implemented it. Clearly, they’re all listening to each other and developing new features on a 24-hour cycle!

All right, maybe cross-play in Apex Legends has been in the works a little longer than that. Whatever the case, it’s live today, in beta form, as part of the game’s Aftermarket Collection Event. You can now party up with other players on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, though any matches that include players from PC and consoles will occur on PC servers. You can disable cross-play if you want, and there’s no cross-progression yet, though it’s something the dev team believes “a valuable feature” for future implementation.

Also in today’s update is a new limited-time mode called Flashpoint, which offers several zones around the map where your health and shield automatically regenerate, though there are no healing items to be found. The idea behind them is to create points of interest that teams will fight over as the new mode “changes your relationship with healing.” Oh, so you and healing are dating now? Update your Facebook status!

Finally, as you might expect given the name of the event, some cosmetic items have returned to the store for a limited time, and there’s an event-exclusive reward track with even more cosmetics. Check out everything today’s update has to offer on the Apex Legends website.


  1. Oh finally dying? It’s about time. Just a matter of time till all the BR games start shutting down. And then the next fab comes. Pst, this never ending cycle of greed needs to end.

    • We still don’t know what the next stupid fad is going to be. I’m guessing something easy and lazy like Fall Guys or Among Us maybe.

      I also hate it how stupid and lazy fads like Battle Royale replaced traditional FPS games with modes like Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Payload. And Sandbox trash replaced traditional MMORPGs. In both cases the developers realized it’s easier to just throw a bunch of crap features together and call it a game and people will just eat it up regardless of how poorly and lazily it’s been made.


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