Apex Legends launches on the Nintendo Switch on March 9, but you probably knew that already. Today’s reveal is a new limited-time event built around Caustic and a playlist takeover with new and fiery dangers.

The Caustic Town Takeover runs from March 9-23 and tasks Legends with surviving the new and deadly Water Treatment area, now filled with a hazardous liquid. Caustic wants you to drain that liquid, which offers access to four gold loot items locked in cages. Work quickly, though …

Also active for the duration of this event is the Ring Fury playlist takeover, which randomly spawns deadly Ring Flares on the map. Avoid them or use a new Heat Shield item to ward off their effects. As the event rolls on, Respawn will make adjustments to make the takeover more difficult. The Heat Shield, as well as other situational utility items like the Mobile Respawn Beacon are now found in a specialized “Survival Slot” in your inventory.

One notable change to the game as a whole with the March 9 update will be the ability to solo queue. That obviously puts you at a marked disadvantage against three-person teams, but it frees you up to complete challenges, learn a new character, or perform other tasks — or in my case, being a complete derp — without aggravating your teammates.

Check out the complete list of rewards for the event (and its new event track), as well as the changes to legends, weapons, and maps in the announcement on the Apex Legends site.


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