November is definitely a busy month for game updates and while some companies are knocking their updates as far back as January, others are more than happy to drop theirs as soon as possible. Case-in-point: on November 4, EA will be releasing Apex Legends‘ Season 7 update, Ascension. The update adds a new map, a new legend, and even a new mode of transport.

The new map, Olympus, is a “floating utopia”, a city built in the sky above Psamathe where the best and the brightest could gather to work together on scientific breakthroughs. The whole thing came to an end when an accident in a research facility resulted in a massive bubble of Phase energy, forcing the inhabitants to flee. It later became a vacation spot — because, why not vacation near an unstable rift? — and was only recently evacuated for the second time. Now it’s the new stage for the Apex Games.

Continuing with this science theme, the Season’s new Legend: Horizon, is an astrophysicist who escaped a black hole. That’s… pretty much what we have on her at the moment.

In additon to the above content, the new season also adds Clubs to the game, offering players a way to build their own little communities to play together. The new season also will also see the launch of the game on the Steam servers, with any progress made on Origin carrying over.

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