Season 8 of Apex Legends is now live across all platforms, as was foretold last month. The new season introduces a new legend, Fuse, who’s described as a “blow-up-first ask-questions-later kinda guy.” His abilities naturally center around explosives, with his ultimate, Motherlode, encircling a targeted area in a wall of flame.

King’s Canyon also looks very different now, with better drop points in the northwest, new armories, everal more ECHO (Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach) camps, and a crashed gunship that took out a mountainside, in the process opening up a whole new area of the map. You can read the dev blog outlining the changes here. There’s also a new battle pass, the Mayhem Pass, with over 100 rewards you can learn all about here.

Slightly later tonight, at 8 p.m. Pacific time to be exact, all Apex Legends players will be granted a Black Lives Matter badge to commemorate February as Black History Month. As Respawn Entertainment stated in its Tweet announcing the promotion, “It’s a small reminder that we must always stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, partners, family, friends, & players in the fight against racism and social injustice.” Now, let’s hope their reporting system is up to snuff for people who choose to use those badges to report the harassment they’re inevitably going to receive.


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