ArcheAge Adds Black Dragon For New Players And Stat-affecting Brilliant Erenor Cloaks

Kakao Games encourages players to sign up for the newsletter to receive additional loot.

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ArcheAge Cloak

The latest update for ArcheAge offers a couple of new events, new content on the Fresh Start Server, and a new series of stat-affecting cloaks. The Rock'n'Scroll event runs until April 28 and lets players upgrade Rubies over time that can be traded in for items. There's also a Double the Gain event running until April 14. As you might expect, this grants players double XP and an increase in loot drop rates, quest honor points, and vocation badges.

The Fresh Start Server has a new dragon for novice players to slay. The Black Dragon is a raid boss that resides in Red Dragon Keep, which doesn't make nearly as much sense as a "Double the Gain" event.

The other piece of big news with this update is the addition of five variants of the Brilliant Erenor Cloak, granting bonuses to maximum health, movement speed, and attack speed. You can upgrade the cloak using the Radiant Erenor Cloak Awakening Scroll at the Proven Warrior Workbench, and you can exchange one cloak for another of equal quality "by recloaking through the Transmuter" -- which sounds like something you'd do in Star Trek Online.

Finally, Kakao Games has announced that it will distribute new rewards to subscribers of its newsletter starting in April. These include a Flamedancer mount, a Bound Serendipity Stone, and several of the ingredients needed to get that Brilliant Erenor Cloak. You can sign up for the newsletter by creating a Kakao Games account and checking the appropriate box on this page.

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