Multiple outlets are reporting that ArcheAge will go free-to-play in Korea on July 3. XLGames will no longer sell time cards for the game, instead allowing players to purchase 30- and 90-day premium packages that confer advantages such as the ability to own a house, vouchers that can be exchanged for buffs, and so on.

The time cards cost the equivalent of $17 USD for 30 days and $42 USD for 90 days.

What does this mean for when ArcheAge comes to North America, under the auspices of Trion Worlds? At the very least, it’s the first inkling we’ve had that indicates the game could go launch as a F2P title in NA, but it might also require a box purchase and maybe a sub price, but shift a few months later to a F2P model, in order for Trion and XLGames to realize a little extra profit early on.

If it does go F2P in NA, we’d expect that it won’t rigidly follow the Korean model and pricing — $17/month is more than Americans are used to playing for an MMO — but instead have something like an optional subscription for $15 or less a month with (of course) cash shop goodies available for sale, keeping more in line with Western F2P practices.

In any case, it’ll be several months before the game comes to our shores, which should give Trion enough time to work out the kinks with its F2P implementation in Rift. I wouldn’t say that it’s automatic that a NA ArcheAge cash shop would have the same features as Rift’s, such as high-level armor for sale. Rift and ArcheAge are two very different games, and XLGames will certainly have some say in how things are handled and what’s offered.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. All you stupid gits.

    The game is not a F2P. Its more of a endless trial kinda thing like Warhammer Online (minus the level restriction) and thats it.
    You need labor points to breed a mount, gather, craft, even do a large ammount of quests, trade runs to earn Delphi Coins and so on.

    Sure you can buy ricecakes ingame on the AH for 15g a piece. And as a lvl 8 when you need to breed your mount, you cant afford it.
    Even the developers have called this a “chance for players to return, and new players to see what Archeage is about before comitting” and you babble about F2P, its more like a endless trial.

  2. Wow just from the trailer I’m amaze at what all this game may have to offer to us as a hole on the MMORPG world . Can wait until it come to us here to start playin ,but I will wait for it with such high hopes .

  3. Wait u might need to pay for premium for owning a house? Isn’t that taking a huge part of the game out for f2p users?

  4. u need “work points” to do almost anything in game, and the only way to recover them is to pay… or wait another day.

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        • Because it is against the rules to advertise on this site if you have not already gained permission from a moderator. Not only that but also it is typically considered rude to post off topic.

          So in fact he was not being a troll or rude. You were being the rude one sir by going against the rules and posting something completely irrelevant to the topic.

      • You know nothing about music. I bet you listen to top 40 crap & talk shows. & I am not advertising! It is not my band. Why are people so serious on here. Such ass holes. really bad community lately on mmobomb. Can’t we all just get along. I mean we discuss everything on all the threads. This game is in Korea any way.

        • Agree, a lot of trolls are appearing on mmobomb lately. It’s a sad but true fact indeed ,well I guess it just shows mmobomb as whole is getting more and more popular by the day.

  6. The only way they will be able to survive the subscription model is if they went f2p in at least 1 year from now. With so many new f2p games coming for both consoles and PC people will not want to pay for subscription anymore.

  7. Lets just hope one thing.
    They’ll go the path of game such as Rift or Tera, offering a full game experience with bonus if you want to pay instead of SW who cut half of the content etc and force you to pay if you really want to enjoy..
    The age of F2P might begin but it’s still chaotic and lots of editor are doing it wrong.

  8. if they dont go f2p they will fail, the ageof subs its over , the age of f2p ha began ^^

    if they choose sub , they will fail to compete with WoW 100% and they will end up f2p anyway.

        • And u have no Money for a Gamekey? Please Kill Your Self. A game to creat have cost,the only thing that u need to do is to buy a cd dont cry little idiot!

          • or maybe I see you’re replying to me first I don’t want to go in stupid arguments and I didn”t say I don’t have money to buy it and I didn’t even say I WANTED it to go f2p and I won’t even play it if it goes f2p I already have a key activated but I couldn’t download it right now and after a while I am not interested in it anyway , I don’t know if you’re just trolling around or you need to learn English.

  9. wow well heared about this game latley but not much I think people will start wanting it in other countreys not too as I heared many want it and it was a good game


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