ArcheAge just launched in Southeast Asia last June, but it already needs a fresh start. XLGames has announced that it’s launched a new server, called “Gene,” while existing servers “Nui” and “Tahyang” receive the Garden of the Gods expansion.

The new server is hosting celebratory events, where players will receive “a variety of items as gifts to help their characters progress through the game swiftly up to a hundred hours of game played.” Character creation is limited to one per account, with the Dwarf and Warborn factions being available from the start.

The Garden of the Gods expansion, which went live on NA and EU servers back in June, will let players experience the birthplace of the stories and history of Auroria. The garden was supposedly created by Mother Goddess Siol during the Dawn Age, which means that it’s probably very pretty. Mother Goddesses tend to keep things looking nice, don’t they?

You can learn more about the Southeast Asian ArcheAge servers on their dedicated website.

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