It’s easy to rag on ArcheAge most times. The free to play MMORPG has had its issues and even non-players are aware of many of them. But Merv Lee Kwai (aka Khrolan), ArcheAge Producer, feels that ArcheAge is turning a corner and he thanks players for their direct and honest feedback for improvements and additions that are coming throughout this year.

From the latest Producer’s Letter, Khrolan writes:

Player feedback has been an amazing catalyst for change, and without your passionate involvement we’d most certainly not have come this far.

He then goes on to update players on how valuable the Public Test Server has been and thanks players for their dedication. In response to player feedback about pain points in ArcheAge (like ultra rare RNG items and other systems), he states that communication between Trion Worlds and XLGames (ArcheAge’s developer) is at an all time high and many of these more frustrating aspects are being worked on using alternate acqusition methods. Yes, the Auroria Cloaks may be rare, but they are looking at giving players another method of crafting a stat similar cloak, for example.

With submarines, glider changes, and server evolution all on the horizon, it’s an interesting update for players. What do you think though? Let us know below!

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. Rofl what a disgusting looking waste of DNA. Wouldnt believe a word he says, bet he would sell his own mother for a burrito.

  2. ArcheAge tools who look/mess up after the western version called TRION are exactly that…friggin Tools They have never cared for & about any player, Payers or Free.

    • No hes just a part of it. Well he actually got a character with the same name on the NA server and he is playing the game.

  3. I’ve been playing Archeage for 3 month now and I assure I have never spent a buck on the game yet I have pretty decent stuffs. For those who are complaining about the patron system they are only making excuses for their failures. The only problem I could think of is the RNG of the game which I think it should be altered. Yes there are P2W players who are obsessed with power but every game has this Issue. In All, Archeage is a unique sandbox MMORPG which I find interesting to play.

    • Your still a noob. This game is so pay to win its written in stone. Pay to get land, pay to have enough energy to do any kind of work… I played from closed beta till a few months after release, and payed my sub for a crappy 8×8.. To many botters, to many hackers taking up land as soon as it was condemned. So there were no failures on the players its failure on trion. This game could have been really cool, but money grubbers that run it ruined it.

    • Labor point regen and no housing and farm for f2p, ninja drop rate nerfs, rng, hacks/bots/sploits/glitchs, P2W, Much grind for regular weapons, Shitty craft system….and TRION.

  4. Trion had a chance to make a great mmo that could of reached and held 1million players. But they got way greedy and didnt talk to the community at all. ( unless you had a problem with giving them money. ) Could of been a really fun game and has tainted trion forever. Wish someone else got that game to publish for NA, now that I look at it Trion couldnt even make a moba.

  5. Trion is a joke and ArcheAge is dying. Players leave because there is not much end content. Only the same daily stuff. There are reported bugs but no one cares. The bugs are reported from the start on. Yea trion is slow.
    They only add new costumes to the cash shop. Merge low populated servers and make new servers. They nerf every update, item,event from the korean game. They remove free event rewards and put them in the cash shop. They lower other stuf or remvoe stats on items and sell them in the cahs shop. They make all pets slow and sell better ones in the cash shop.

    This game is p2w. There are many people who buy some gold to be superior. Trion doesn’t ban them if they cash enough money. If you think you got a fair chance vs a p2w clown you are wrong. You either sink your life in this game or spent lots of money for gold. There are people who spent more than $5000 for gold so be prepared to swipe a lot cause ArcheAge is P2W!!!

  6. Did they make a decent labour point system or housing for free players? If not, they can even bring starships to the game, no one will be interested.


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