ArcheAge Roadmap Promises Updates To The Faction System, A New Fairy Race, And Multiple Phases Of 2024 Plans

Also details an 11th Anniversary gift.

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ArcheAge Roadmap 2024

If you want to know what’s ahead for ArcheAge, we have a bit of an idea. Producer Hae-nyung Lee shared a roadmap for the coming year. This isn’t a detailed roadmap, though, we’re sure that will happen later and it'll probably be broken up a bit.

Instead, this one offers an overview of four development phases and their primary focus for the MMORPG. Phase 1 focuses on the Faction system, Phase 2 is intended to break the limits of Faction competitions, Phase 3 will offer players a way to compete across servers, and Phase 4 will introduce a new race. Each Phase has a few bullet points. In the case of Phase 2, we know players can look forward to a revamp of the Akash Invasion Field Raid, the removal of Faction points, and a couple of other changes.

Phase 2’s major updates will include Guild Base Capture, the release of Golden Plains Battle globally, and a new achievement. Phase 3 brings another raid field – Garden of the Gods, Black Dragon, Kraken – and the Zodiac Constellations growth system.

As for the new race in Phase 4, players can look forward to playing a Fairy. This race will be part of the final update of 2024, so it’ll be a bit of a wait. At the same time, an equipment transcend system will be added at the same time, allowing equipment points to pass the 30,000-point mark.

In additional news, the team is also celebrating the game’s 11th Anniversary with an Archage Producer’s Gift. The gift consists of a Luxurious reward Crate, various boosts, and other items. These are detailed at the bottom of the roadmap.

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