ArcheAge Teams Up With Larva… And They Are EVERYWHERE

This is weirdly unexpected.

QuintLyn Bowers
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ArcheAge X Larva

Kakao and XL Games announced an… um… interesting crossover for ArcheAge today. The crossover event begins today and runs until January 26 and features Larva. As part of this event, the devs created new items. These include a Larva Pink companion, a Larva Yellow Teleport Scroll (Apparently Pink is looking for Yellow…), a Larva Red Glider Companion, a vehicle, and more. Seriously, these things are everywhere, even on the prow of your ship.

To get these items, players will have to engage in the usual event shenanigans. That means completing tasks to earn the event’s currency, trading them in for chests (Larva Balls), and opening the chests to see what you’ve obtained. So, if you’re interested in having some really weird little dudes hanging out with you in ArcheAge, now is your time.

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