Apparently it’s that time of year again. ArcheAge is preparing for another server evolution. (The last one occurred in August of last year.) This year’s evolution is set to occur on October 17-18 for both North America and Europe. On October 17, the servers will come down for both regions, during which time the evolution will take place, bringing existing servers together in the following combinations:

North America

  • EVOLUTION 1: Aranzeb, Kyrios, Reckoning, Vengeance, Kraken
  • EVOLUTION 2: Conviction, Thunderwing
  • Nui remains as is.


  • EVOLUTION 1: Shatigon, Eanna, Prophecy
  • EVOLUTION 2: Tempest, Retribution
  • Ezi will remain as is.

Note that new server names haven’t been provided yet.

For those wondering about Update 5.0, it’s “tentatively” scheduled to arrive on October 23rd for EU players and October 24th for NA. More information on this will be made available as those dates draw closer. Trion will also be dropping an FAQ on the upcoming evolution on the site soon.

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  1. “Evolution” is what Trion calls a merge. Their reasoning is that it’s somehow different than a merge because they remove everyone’s land and put all of the populations on a “new” server so they can “have a fair chance at getting land,” only Trion is stupid and doesn’t understand that’s still a server merge, you’re just making it immensely more unfair because then whales or hackers or whoever else log in the instant the server is up with like 10+ alts running scripts that trion can’t even detect because they don’t use any anti-hack and have limited GMs, and take as much land as they want if they get there first, then all the legit players get screwed over and ragequit. It’s happened every time, though not exclusively for that reason.

    Also they should have done a massive consolidation of servers a minimum of 2 years ago, if not 3, which is how long people have been begging for Kyrios to get merged anyway. RIP ArcheAge.


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