Arctic Combat is getting a new PvE 4 player Co-Op mode and it’s not based on you killing zombies! Well it might be, I couldn’t really tell from the trailer which featured little more than a few military looking guys standing up, some heavy breathing, a laser from the sky, and what looked to be some sort of four-legged mutant beast. So it could be about you fighting aliens or maybe it’s zombie aliens, who knows.

The new mode is set to hit the AC servers on April 18th and will feature new maps set in new locations, new weapons and upgraded AI. Now all we need is Tribes Ascend to jump on the bandwagon and add jetpacking shazbot zombies, a man can dream.


  1. Yup I think it’ not game publishers but the games themselves that disappoint me! Awkward! Thank to Age of Wushu, we have a chance to touch its brand-new game design and mysterious oriental elements.

  2. you know it looks kinda cool however seeing as how these game modes have turned out in other fpsmmos I don’t have much hope for it buuuuut I’ll give it a shot regardless you never know


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