After what’s seemed like an interminable wait, ArenaNet has made an official announcement regarding its next set of content-rich episodes for Guild Wars 2’s Living Story — along with a vow to release that content in a more timely manner.

The teaser video is more of a recap of Season 2 (spoiler warning) than a preview of Season 3, but it does a solid job of setting the stage for what’s to come. As with Season 2’s updates, you can access Season 3 for free by logging in while the current update is active. To help you catch up, you can get Season 2’s episodes as a bundle for 40% off in the Gem Store.

If you don’t count Heart of Thorns, it’s been over a year and a half since the last Living World episode was pushed live, and players have definitely noticed. As such, ArenaNet had this to say about its plans for updating the game in the future:

Living World Season 3 episodes will release every 2–3 months. We’ll bundle Living World episodes with the kind of content and updates we’ve been adding through our seasonal quarterly releases, but the frequency of releases may increase. Our goal is to deliver quality content on a sustainable cadence, so we can drive the story of Guild Wars 2 and open world gameplay forward while also supporting our other game modes.

Sounds great. Now let’s see if they can stick to it. The first episode of Season 3, Out of the Shadows, goes live on July 26. You can read the full announcement on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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