ArenaNet has tossed a new trailer into the wild for its next Guild Wars 2 story chapter, the final one of the current season. In War Eternal, “death is not the end,” which is a good thing, because it would be kinda lousy if the game just ended here, with everyone saying, “Well, I guess we’re all screwed.”

In addition to the story, players can also explore a new map intricately tied to the existence of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. They’ll also have the chance to earn the Skyscale, a new flying dragon mount that can climb walls, a new legendary greatsword, Exordium, and an upgradeable Mist Shard armor set.

War Eternal comes to all Guild Wars 2 players for free on May 14.

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  1. meh, GW2 just doesnt interest me anymore. just more grind 1090192019201 new currencies and get funneled into some kind of gem/cash shop microtrans. all for a cosmetic skin that looks just slightly different to the last 1000 skins.


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