ArenaNet is hiring a Lead Server Programmer for its office in Bellevue, Wash., and the prospective new employee might be working on an entirely new game.

That’s what the job listing for the position hints at, with one of the entries under “What we’ve worked on recently” stating that the company is “building the core infrastructures for our next generation of games.” That would seem to separate from anything related to either Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2.

A requirement for the position states that the new employee will “Collaborate with other leads and external partners on many new and larger projects,” which could indicate a new game or something related to GW2, such as an expansion.

We can only speculate at this time what sort of “next-generation game” ArenaNet might be working on, but it would make sense for the developer to try and diversify beyond the Guild Wars universe. GW2 sales have been lackluster and heavily reliant on boosts from expansions, so a new game set in a fresh universe could be just what’s needed. That said, one fan’s already made a card game, and I could see an official, digital version of that being fairly successful.



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