The Q2 2018 financial statement for NCSoft is out in the wild, and it reveals … well, nothing too amazing. In fact, every game except one is down, but the negative trends aren’t too steep and seem to be coming at a time when most games don’t have anything terribly interesting, like an expansion or other big promotion, going on.

The only game to go up in the quarter was Lineage, by nearly 50%, which NCSoft attributes to “the opening of the specialized server and in-game item promotions.” Every other tracked game — Lineage 2 (6%), Aion (17%), Blade & Soul (10%), and Guild Wars 2 (16%) — were all down slightly.

Meanwhile, mobile continues to slip, with overall sales down 21% between quarters. That said, mobile’s revenue total of 209,909 million Korean won is still about on par with what the entire company was bringing in before mobile really took off (217,559 mKRW in Q3 2016). That said, marketing costs were up 39%, “because of advertising for the first anniversary update of Lineage M.” So maybe NCSoft was hoping for a better return on that front.

You can check out the Q2 2018 financial report for yourself on the NCSoft Investors Relations page.


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