As with the last Guild Wars 2 update, next week’s Rising Flames update adds a new map to Tyria — though it’s also got an old-school taste, being based on a region that was explored in the original Guild Wars.

Game Designer Link Hughes describes Ember Bay as a “hostile, burning wasteland of rock,” and, with all its skulls and fire and stone, looking like “the cover of some really insane Tyrian heavy metal album.”

On the gameplay side, the area’s new Mastery, Thermal Tubes, light you on fire and shoot you across the island when you find an active lava tube. Sounds perfectly safe! Several older elements of the game, such as hearts and karka, return in this update, as well as a “brutal” jumping puzzle, fittingly titled the Chalice of Tears.

Rising Flames goes live on Sept. 20.

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  1. Well i like the direction game taking atm bringin back guildwars 1 content and expanding the world map with new maps to explore. adding flying and difrent abilitys to mastry points and more wepons to all proffesions even skill caping from guildwars 1 is avilibla in game by killing bosses u can collect uniq traits!. thay made Story episodes for pve players. elit dungeons calld raids! where 10ppl fight for hr in a hard core battle for shinys!!!! and finaly we get explore Ring of Fier and soon cristal desert. new kind of jumping puzels, jumping puzels is like quize challange wher u put ur mind and navigation skills to task. there is even some combat to some. and most importent its calld Guild wars for a resson. we got GUILD missions! comunity events where players from ur guild battle bosses and fight to protect ur guild hall wher u build ur own city and fight guilds in GvG. there is allot content coming for the game and so much story and inprovments u allso got action combat in options to activite if u want play head on with out klicks u can bind key to muse and use action camra mode to aim

  2. I’d like to see more MMOs like this in the future. Well not exactly like this but I’m not sure how to describe it actually but like a fantasy themed MMO I guess.


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