Two weeks ago, we learned that Armored Warfare‘s early access period for its PlayStation 4 launch would start today. What we didn’t learn was what would be in the Founder’s Packs would offer for sale, so you could get that all-important two-week head start on the game’s Feb. 20 launch.

Well, wonder no more! There are five packs available, starting with the low-end Rookie Pack and going all the way up to the top-tier Mercenary Legend Pack. They all contain the usual assortment of in-game and premium currency, premium time and tanks, and other goodies. You can find our everything about them on the Armored Warfare PS4 page

… well, almost everything, as clicking on one of the “BUY NOW” buttons leads you to an error page. We’ve reached out to to find out what the prices are for the various packs, and when they might be available for sale, and will update this piece when we learn more.

UPDATE: The Founder’s Packs are now live! They range in price from $14.99 for the Rookie Pack to $99.99 for the Mercenary Legend Pack.

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