Mark it on your calendars. If you’ve been lucky enough to get an access code for Armored Warfare’s Early Access testing, the next round begins on July 1st and will run until July 14th. This round of testing will introduce the new Tier 8 vehicles to the free to play tank simulator and bring some other updates with it, including PvE content

On the front end of the game, a new “Missions” selection has been added. This PvE option allows players to take part in Easy, Normal, and Hard modes of PvE gameplay. Take a break from PvP and advance your stats while tackling various objectives on your own for a bit. Performance wise, more users should be able to run the game since Armored Warfare’s “Lowest” graphics setting has been added to support dual core PCs and some older graphics cards.

Once in game, players can check out the many map changes made for balancing reasons and the new camouflage system update. Now when a vehicle fires its weapons it makes itself much easier to spot on the battlefield. On the down side of “viewable distance” any view enhancing modifications have been adjusted to be additive in nature instead of multiplying viewing power. That scope system you added now “adds X meters” to your view range instead of “increasing view by Y percentage.”

Head on over to the official site for a breakdown of all the vehicle and decal changes in store for Early Access Test 3.

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