Armored Warfare‘s Caribbean vacation is in full swing! Update 0.24 is live now and brings Caribbean Crisis, Part II, the conclusion of the Global Operation, to’s tank-battler, along with a week’s worth of rewards, bonuses, and special missions.

The new Global Operation isn’t all that’s included in this update. There’s a new Global Operations map, Alpine Valley, and a new tank dealer, Oscar Faraday, peddling half a dozen light tanks and AFVs ranging from Tier 5 to 10.

From now until March 13, you can also get 50% bonuses to commander experience and credits and a 25% bonus to reputation income. 15,000 rep points will net you a three-day rental of the new premium vehicle PTZ-89 SAW, and winning battles — up to 15 — during the week will earn you loot crates and other goodies.

You can learn more about Update 0.24 on the Armored Warfare site.

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