Whether you call it an “expansion” or just “Update 0.21,” the next update for Armored Warfare is a big one. Eye of the Storm will add five new vehicles, a new PvP map, overhauls of existing maps, as well as changing a couple of key game mechanics that have been long requested by players.

The six new vehicles hail from Czechoslovakia and Poland and range from tier 6 to tier 10. If that’s a little too pricy for you, don’t despair; more low-tier options for Polish and Czech tanks are planned in the future.

The huge (1300 x 1300) Waterway PvP map, profiled in the video above, is also scheduled for release in Eye of the Storm, as well as updates to the Roughneck and Narrows maps, which will also be added to the Global Operations rotation.

Naturally, even after the big changes of Balance 2.0, things aren’t totally perfect, so there will be some additional tweaking to ammunition, game economy, and the garage UI. Finally, Eye of the Storm represents the first step in My.com’s attempts to improve the graphics of Armored Warfare, including making the game more viable for low-end PCs.

You can read all about the changes coming in Update 0.21: Eye of the Storm on the Armored Warfare site.

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