Tankers who love Armored Warfare’s Global Operations mode will soon get some new terrain to roll over. The latest update, renamed from 0.19 to the more colorful Tanks Reloaded, adds the Caucasus-themed map “Barren Divide” map, as well as other new maps, missions, and the much-anticipated Balance 2.0 revamp.

Like its predecessor, Barren Divide pits two teams of tanks against each other in a match with shifting control points, defensive bunkers, and the occasional devastating air strike.

Tanks Reloaded will also bring a new PvP map, the Chemical Plant, two new PvE missions, and the Balance 2.0 changes, which encapsulate “re-evaluation of every core gameplay mechanic, including: damage mechanics, class abilities, retrofits, upgrades and crew skills.” Sounds pretty comprehensive, and you can read more about the upcoming additions on the Armored Warfare site.

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  1. I’m not too keen on playing this after the fallout between My.Com and Obsidian Entertainment.
    I mean, if it is true, then My.Com only wanted a damned World of Tanks clone while Obsidian wanted to create something really funny and interesting that’s easy for people to get into.

    • It was a WoT clone way before Obsidian picked My.com as a publisher for AW. In any case it shouldn’t matter who wanted what from this game, you as a player either enjoy the result or you don’t. Also WoT is much easier to get into than AW, so what’s your point?

  2. its a great game but as long as it remains with my.com it will probably not grow in players. right now theres only a small community. I dont really get it because i played world of tanks and i still prefer armored warfare (granted i only tried WoT after playing AR for a while).


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