Ashes Of Creation Devs Share "Significant" Year Of Growth In 2022 Due To Having Bigger Teams And More Resources

Not just the game, but Intrepid Studios has also leveled up in many ways.

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Ashes of Creation 2022 Wrap Up

To end the year, Intrepid Studios released an "Ashes of Creation Meet the Devs & Year-in-Review" video that reflects on their "significant" growth in 2022 due to having a bigger team and more resources. While the video does offer a look back at what has changed for the game and company, viewers can also learn more about the new members shaping the game.

Creative Lead Steven Sharif described how players "got to see each month significant progress" in 2022, which he says is "due to the company scaling." Intrepid Studios has doubled its staff across multiple disciplines this year, so many of their alpha tests received a lot of improvements/changes thanks to expanding skillset of the team. Moreover, their new office suite accommodates team needs, and they have new resources that allow them to provide professional content to keep fans in the loop.

"As development continues, these things will ramp in a very vertical way," Sharif continued. Proof of that is seen in the improved character creator, gathering overhaul, environments with rotating seasons, and more revealed over the year.

Growth and looking back on the past are the highlights of the video, but viewers wanting to go a bit further can meet the development teams. From the Combat team to the developers behind the gathering system, you can hear firsthand what their day-to-day job entails and what they hope for their respective systems.

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